Car and Van Diagnostics

Using our latest dealer level Diagnostic equipment to fault find problems.

Modern vehicles are basically controlled by computers, and just like your home PC can error at any unexpected time. Usually the Engine Management Light, Airbag, or ABS warning will illuminate to warn you that a fault has been detected. 

If this happens, 'dont panic' - we can help.

At One Auto garage Daventry we are constantly investing in our Auto Diagnostic programme, currently using a number of diagnostic computer tools to cover the hundreds of vehicle systems on the market and updating their databases on a monthly basis. They are also essential tools during our work of car Servicing and Repairs.

Diagnostic work in some circumstances can be expensive. Occassionally warning lights appear even if the system has just 'glitched'. Most of the time you need our diagnostic equipment to extinguish the light. With this in mind we have introduced a fixed price Diagnosis fee to access your vehicles computers, read the fault codes and clear them if necessary.

Only £25!

(Includes half an hour of investagitive work to ascertain the cause)


If we are unable to diagnose the fault within the half an hour then an in-depth diagnostic investigation will be required at extra cost. We will be happy to give you an estimate for this before we proceed. 


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Engine Management Light on - F.A.Q's


Q. Can I drive the car if the light is on?

A. The general rule is; if the engine light is on, and the car seems to be running ok, you can drive it temporarily but let us check it at your earliest convenience.


If the engine is running poorly, misfiring, hesitant, or you just don't feel safe driving it, have it recovered to us or call us on 01327 437030 to arrange recovery for you.


Q. The engine light came on but went out by itself. Is it OK now?

A. Probably not. Engine management lights come and go. Even if the light goes out, the ECU will retain information that will allow the problem to be diagnosed. To avoid potential long term issues, let us check it out.


Q. Is there anything I can do to extinguish the light?

A. Probably not. Most vehicle systems require diagnostic equipment to clear logged fault codes.

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