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More than 10% of your vehicles Air Conditioning refrigerant gas permeates from the system each year, reducing it's efficiency and impeding its operation. Manufacturers recommend your Air-Con system be recharged with refrigerant and lubricant every two years.

One of the first things you will notice is that the Air Conditioning isn't as cold as it used to be, or not cold at all.

Of course Air-Con is not just for the warmer months, use it to demist your windows in seconds during the winter. Vehicles with Climate Control do this for you automatically.

 It is recommended you switch on your Air-Con at least once a week to keep all the components lubricated.


Our Air Conditioning Re-gas price is Only £29.95 making it affordable for everyone. 

Appointments are not always necessary so just drop by, we will be pleased help.

One Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

So what's involved? Once connected up to our Air Conditioning Station it will recover any refrigerant in your vehicle's system & separate the lubricant from the gas. It then vacuums the system for about 20 minutes. This vacuum cleans and extracts any unwanted moisture from the system and also gives us an indication if there is a leak. The station then recharges the refrigerant and adds clean lubricating oil.

The whole process takes about half an hour.

Do you have bad odours when you Air Conditioning is switched on?

This is caused by bacteria on the evaporator inside the car. 

Don't worry we can help with a treatment from our Atom Machine.

The Atom Machine is an electronic ultrasonic nebulizing device designed to atomise special antibacterial liquid into a vapour that is then distributed through the air conditioning recirculation system neutralizing bacteria.

The treatment takes approximately half an hour to complete and is Only £14.95


It is currently illegal to recover & recharge refrigerant in any motor vehicles air conditioning system unless a person meets current F-Gas requirements. We are proud to have attained City & Guilds 7543 Mobile Air Conditioning Systems which is F-Gas and Defra approved.

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